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The INFORCER is the most realistic and versatile forcible entry simulator on the market today.

THE INFORCER with Full Functionality IS $7,995*

* Plus Shipping and Handling (Shipping weight including pallet, door, and all accessories is 1,800 lbs)

Why Choose The INFORCER?

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Used By 100's Of First Responders Around The Globe

The INFORCER will add all the benefits of training with a quality forcible entry simulator in your training facilities. The INFORCER can be installed in training towers and burn buildings. Call for required opening size.

Forcible Entry Techniques

Outward swinging door
Inward swinging door

Drop bar bolt cutting
Hinge cutting
Dead bolt cutting
Padlock cut or break
Cut links of chain

Cut hockey puck locks

I recently had the oppurtunity to use "The Inforcer" forcible entry prop in an extensive manner. I am not usually one for writing a review or airing my opinions, however, I was so impressed with this simulator, I wanted to share my thoughts.Living in Indianapolis and being intimately invloved with FDIC I have had the ability to use or witness just about every forcible entry prop on the market today. Two concerns that always seem to surface are realistic issues and authentic feel. The Fire Service market today is being flooded with gimic tools and training props that teach poor technique and incorrect muscle memory. Additionly, we now live in a time when Fire Dept budgets are tight and fiscal responsibilty is thenorm and not the exception, and purchases are carefully scrutinized to assure bang for your buck.On all accounts, "The Inforcer" nails it. I have never used a forcible entry simulator that actually has that real door feel while using a set of Irons. The issues encountered on the street is what you will encounter while using this prop. The difficulties of gapping a door, or complications that result from improperly gapping a door.That "feel" that is so important while setting the tool is so realistic that if done is zero visibilty conditions, you cannot tell that you are using a simulator. If improper technique is used, just like a real door, you will lose the set and have to start over.Not only does this prop require accurate and honed technique with the haligan, it demands strong work with the 8lb flathead axe or whatever your striking tool is. In short, this door teaches exactly what is needed for succesful forcible entry with a set of Irons, good technique combined with brute strength. Without those two skills working in sync there is a high probablity of being defeated by a door. A Lt. of a very active rescue company once stated, "If you cannot force every door in your district with a set of Irons, you should never use anything but the Irons." It is my firm conviction that "The Inforcer" can teach you to force any door in your district with nothing more than a set of Irons. If you are looking for an investment that is worth every penny, you have found it.

Ron Evans

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