The Inforcer LLC
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Members of The Inforcer saw a need for better hands-on forcible entry training. The only two ways to do such training are through acquired structures or realistic simulators. There are simply not enough acquired structures to allow for proper training, thus The Inforcer was born.

The first doors were originally designed and fabricated for use by firefighter cadets at a large training academy. After being forced thousands of times, it was time for other firefighters around the country and the world to be able to practice forcible entry skills on a realistic and proven prop.

Our company knows that the biggest part of a business is taking care of our customers. As firefighters we understand our customers needs. We know what firefighters want and that is practical training that means something. We enjoy meeting firefighters from around the world and are always open to new suggestions on how to better suit you. We are firefighters first and foremost and believe in what we are doing.