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The Inforcer patent no. 8,485,825,
Forcible entry Simulator

When you purchase The Inforcer you will receive:

  • Complete forcible entry simulator with an initial stock of consumables
  • Web-Based Training Sessions for set-up and hands-on simulations
  • Forcible Entry PowerPoint refresher CD to use in your training

The Inforcer

Most consumables for The Inforcer can be restocked locally. After purchase, we can provide you with the specifications. We are more than happy to supply consumables. Please contact us for pricing.

The Inforcer Training Building Door

The Inforcer
The INFORCER can be installed in training towers and burn buildings.
Call for required opening size and framing requirements.
Prices start at 6,500.00 for the basic model with Inward/Outward training functionality.
Installer responsible to ensure compliance with NFPA 1403.

Our "Hockey Puck Cut Station"


The Hockey Puck Cut Station. The price includes a jig to drill your own 2.5" pipe caps (those are used in place of a costly, real locks)!

The Overhead Door Simulator

Our Overhead Door Simulator is designed to clamp garage doors in place allowing multiple cuts.

* Plus Shipping and Handling